"Inefficiency is the enemy of progress." - Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald has been in the trucking industry for more than 26 years. He went to ATDS truck driving school to learn to drive commercial trucks and got my CDL when he was 18 years old. He went to TSTC in Waco for 4 years to learn how to be a diesel mechanic on commercial trucks and construction equipment. Scott has been driving and doing diesel mechanic work simultaneously and just decided one day he was not going to pay for $4 and $5 fuel anymore. So, he put all of his experience and skills together to come up with a truck that doesn't need fuel, any filters, engine oil or coolant. A lot of money is saved right here and less time under the hood of any machine is a great thing, plus you’re not at the mercy of the fuel pump.

Manufacturing Services

Electric Vehicle Services

Our team here at Earthline can take your existing truck and convert it to electric by removing the diesel engine, fuel tanks, exhaust system and installing the electric motor, battery banks and controller.

R&D Specialty Work

Pioneer fields that have never been pioneered before. Specialty work from scratch on-highway application, marine application and involving energy and water production.

New Vehicle Installation

We can order any brand-new truck straight from any manufacturer that the customer requires. The truck is sent to our shop and we begin installation of the necessary conversion equipment.

Solar Panel Services

Earthline can also provide solar panel services to provide an additional source of charging your battery banks for any of your newly converted vehicles.

Companies We Have Worked With