About Earthline Manufacturing

I, Scott McDonald, have been in the trucking industry for more than 26 years. I went to ATDS truck driving school to learn to drive commercial trucks and got my CDL when I was 18 years old. I went to TSTC in Waco for 4 years to learn how to be a diesel mechanic on commercial trucks and construction equipment. I have been driving and doing diesel mechanic work simultaneously and just decided one day I was not going to pay for $4 and $5 fuel anymore. So I just put all of my experience and skills together to come up with a truck that doesn't need fuel, any filters, engine oil or coolant. A lot of money is saved right here and less time under the hood of any machine is a great thing, plus your not at the mercy of the fuel pump.

Divisions of EPS Services:

  • Earthline Manufacturing
  • EPS Transit
  • Lavani Industries
  • Lavani Engine
  • Lavani Power Systems

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