Manufacturing Services

All customers are to call and setup a face to face interview to place any orders from the options below. (No faxes or emails will be accepted)
Here is a break down of how this process would generally happen:

Step 1

The first call usually should involve the appointment time scheduling for pre-fitting measurements to determine weight tolerances and battery space for run time.

Step 2

A legal binding contract is then written up, the owner of Earthline and the customer will both sign the contract agreement.

Step 3

The funding from the customer needs to be paid in full before any conversion work can begin. This allows us to order all of the required parts for the conversion, during which the customer can continue to use their vehicle until the parts have been delivered.

Step 4

Once the parts have arrived the customer will be notified to drop off the vehicle so we can start the conversion process. The conversion process can take between 4 and 6 business days to complete.

Step 5

Upon completion the customer is then notified that the vehicle is ready for pick up and then released to the customer.

Electric Conversion Services

Our team here at Earthline can take your existing truck and convert it to electric by removing the diesel engine, fuel tanks, exhaust system and installing the electric motor, battery banks and controller. This by far is the cheapest method of conversion. There is no new truck to register or insure and no new title to process.

With all the parts in stock it usually takes about a week to do the complete conversion.

New Vehicle Installation

Earthline Manufacturing can order any totally brand spanking new truck straight from any manufacturer that the customer requires. This type of truck would be a glider kit truck which doesn't have any engine, transmission, or exhaust. This truck is just a brand-new truck with a cab on a frame with the one steering axle and a typical drive axle.

The truck would get sent to our shop and we would begin work installing the necessary conversion equipment. This is the most expensive way of doing the conversion.

Solar Panel Services

Earthline can also provide outsourced solar panel services from Texas Green Energy as an additional source of charging your battery banks for any of your newly converted vehicles. This especially useful for anyone who is not convenienced with a stable or local power grid for which you can access.