Your Savings

Electrical motors consume no fuel. They're great for commuting in city and around. The following chart details some of the information regarding the cost benefits of an electrical motor.

WTCI Crude Oil

A small graph representing the crude oil prices over several time periods

Nationwide Gas Prices

Current average price for gas prices in the US


Internal Combustion

Electric Motor

Gross Vehicle Weight 84,000 lbs (42 tons)
Travel Distance 93,960 Miles Per Year
(based on 360miles per day running 261 days)
Fuel Capacity
(110 gal Usable)
14,355 Gallons
(55 Gallons per day)
990 amp hr @500v = 10hr run time
Cost of Fuel ($3.75/gal) $53,831.25 $1,044.00
Maintenance Cost $3,973.18 $114.58
Total Annual Cost $57,804.43 $1,158.58
Your Total Savings
After 1 Year $0.00 $56,645.85
After 10 Years $0.00 $566,458.50
Multiply times number of trucks in your fleet.