To run the presentation at my shop, the present demonstration lasts 2 days. The first day consists of the discussions of importance, dangers of fuel problems, gearing, controllers, motors and shop safety. I will also explain and discuss the basic and advanced fundamentals of Alternating Current and Direct Current of motors and generators. There will be time at the end of the session for plenty of Q & A. Parts and Labor costs will be discussed along with the warranty before the end of the session. Earthline Incorporated will supply all parts lists as well as class materials for all students. All students and customers will be able to purchase components and parts through Earthline Incorporated at any time. (Show motors on pallets) (Show controllers on pallets), (Show batteries and battery management systems on pallets as demonstration models) I will also explain how asynchronous and synchronous motors work. I will demonstrate how A.C & D.C Motors work in the lab. The next day we will talk about batteries all day as well as BMS systems and how the C-rating and Amp Hours of a battery work. Discussions about different battery chemistries will be covered in the course materials along with Mathematical formulas for batteries, Amp hours, wire and cable sizing, motor horsepower and torque data. Students who are not local residents will have to pay a lodging fee for the duration of the classes (Two Days).


  • Commercial Truck Dealerships
  • Individuals
  • Trucking Companies
  • Diesel Shops
  • People who are sick of being hurt at the pump
  • Automobile Owners
  • Educational


Students will be offered FREE continuing education classes upon newer and more recent developments regarding new parts, technology, knowledge, techniques and methods as they become evident.


Come to me for freeI will come to you: This requires cost for my lodging and food along with a place to do presentations, no required cost for fuel.


Monday through Saturday anytime between 9AM and 7PM


My goal first off is to educate everyone and anyone who is interested in learning.Provide a stable and reliable alternative mode of transportation which needs no recharging and minimal maintenance.Remove fear of unknown in regards to electric vehicles.